Gordon Rocker Becomes Freddie For One Night

Residents and special guests at a luxury retirement hotel in the south of Cape Town, South Africa where blown away when Gordon Rocker, an Elvis Presley style rock 'n roll performer, did a one hour gig with the theme Bohemian Rhapsody, last week. The crowd cheered after every song, and many got up and danced. When he went to help himself to the delicious buffet, as well as a huge range of pudding, after his performance, people got up and cheered. 'I had 3 days to prepare. It was a real challenge, and I enjoyed it.', said Rocker. Janis Winehouse, the late Amy Winehouse's mom, recently called this Cape Town based rock 'n roll entertainer 'Mr.Rocker'. 'It's great to be in touch with her, being an Amy Winehouse fan. I'm friends with her on Twitter', Rocker said. Follow Gordon Rocker on Twitter here, Twitter Handle of Shaker Rocker, for all the latest updates on where he's performing.

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