Call the cops! Everybody's rockin!

It's rock 'n roll all the way, and rock 'n roll is certainly back now in a big way, with Gordon Epstein's latest single, due for release on 23 March 2018. This song is pure rock 'n roll and it's called Everybody's Rockin. When he recently performed the song, for the first time, at one of his gigs, there was much rockin'. A recent comment from a fan at one of Epstein's gigs, where he performed the song, was 'Gordy, Buddy Holly would have been proud of you!'. Everybody's Rockin will be available worldwide, at all major digital music stores. It could possibly also appear on various rock 'n roll compilation albums in future. When asked about his recording process, Gordon Epstein said 'I've got an extremely talented recording engineer. I simply go in there, perform the song, and within one hour the entire recording is done and dusted. We often use the first take.' Gordon Epstein records at Lightway recording studio in Observatory in Cape Town, where many top artists, from around the world, have recorded.              

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